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Landlords Contents Insurance

Welcome to the landlords contents insurance page! We provide instant online quotations for the contents insurance of a let property. To make sure we are competitive we have specialised in providing insurance for properties in the UK only and offer instant online quotes from a panel of insurers so that our system does the searching and you dont have to!

As an insurance broker specialising in landlords contents insurance we are able to provide cover for a wide range of situations ranging from a professional occupied house to a student let flat. We understand that as a landlord you have enough work without having to spend hours searching for cheap contents insurance which is why we search several insurers for you to provide the lowest quotation and provide the most comprehensive cover. We are also able to provide low cost quotations for landlords building insurance for properties let in the UK. By checking quotes from a panel of insurers we are able to ensure we offer an instant competitive quote online.

Instant quote

To make sure our clients receive superb quotations, a low premium and comprehensive cover, we perform quotes with several different insurance companies at once with the quotation details you supply and then offer a range of quotes based on these results.

To ensure that our clients pay a low premium and receive the comprehensive cover they expect we search several insurers for the best quotation based on your requirements meaning that regardless of your specific situtation we should be able to provide an extremely cheap landlords contents insurance policy. By using a broker for your contents insurance you could not only save yourself literally hours of time but hundreds of pounds on your annual premium. Simply complete one short form on our website and obtain a low cost quote from several insurance companies.

We feel that our company ethos is to go that extra mile for clients and not only provide extremely cheap insurance for property owners but to make sure the cover we provide meets your requirements which is why we search a whole range of different insurers to make sure we offer you the best service and product possible. To provide safety and peace of mind we only deal with insurers which are authorised and regulated which means that should you feel that you have been treated unfairly and feel that you have exhausted all other means of resolving your issue then you have a regulating body to turn to for support.

To make sure we provide cheap quotes for the contents within a let property we check quotes from a panel of different landlords insurance companies and then provide you with the choice of varying insurers, premium and low excesses.

When arranging your contents insurance it is important to remember that generally the only contents which will be covered are those owned by the landlord and are within the property for use by the tenant, for example curtains, carpets and white goods. Generally any contents which are in the property owned by the landlord but simply there for storage will not be covered by the policy, neither would the contents owned by the tenant be covered. Obviously the higher the value of contents to be insured the more you will pay for your insurance premium.

To offer an extra level of cover to our clients which most other brokers are unable to do we can sometimes offer £2,000,000 property owners liability on a contents only insurance policy to provide cover against any liability claims your tenant may make for example if they were to injure themselves within your property. You should find that our landlords insurance premiums are more than competitive.